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Palestinians Getting High May 10, 2009

marijuana-leafLiving under occupation is no doubt stressful.  So, it’s not really a surprise that some Palestinians would want to get high.  But I would think people would try to be a little discreet about it.  Apparently not.

Palestinian police recently found marijuana plants growing “near the main crossroads” of the village of Turmus ‘Ayya according to Maan News Agency.  Yep, right out in the open.  Sadly, the residents there said they thought they were just regular plants.  I’m almost certain there were those who knew what those plants were but kept it on the down low so as to maybe get some of the end product.  Police also found over 1,000 poppy plants and seeds in the gardens of nine residents in a village near Nablus.

I wonder if there’s any correlation between the drugs and the areas in which they’re grown.  My theory is that life in the Ramallah area isn’t so bad.  Therefore, weed is sufficient in relieving any stress. However, people in and around Nablus have it much worse due to the constant raids from the IDF and the like.  Therefore, a more hardcore drug like heroin is necessary to deal with the adversity.  But if that’s the case, what would the people in Gaza use to escape the hard knock life?  That’s a frightening thought.

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2 Responses to “Palestinians Getting High”

  1. Em Munir Says:

    Please Nawal not IDF its ( IOF ) Israeli occupation forces

  2. Farassha Says:

    Well, I had the luxury to meet guys who are from the Intifada era.. So what they did to pass the time. Get married make babies, and get drunk or stoned. THe IOF (IDF) pumped drugs into the west bank like no tomorrow..

    The wonderful thinking of the Israeli’s was to drug up the men so they would not have ambition to be anything and it back fired in many ways.. during the intifada and the curfews.. the population got bigger..

    Men got drunk/ stoned and bored= lots and lots of Intifada Pali babies!!!!!

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