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Thanks Ron Paul! April 21, 2009

ron_paul_posterThis is just a shout out to the Bay Area Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty for their awesome tea-bagging poster. With conservatives organizing tea-bagging parties across the country, the Ron Paul campaign thought they’d join in too. But their poster conveys a message that I truly stand behind and actually makes sense.  Of course, some republicans aren’t too happy about it; as if that’s a surprise.  California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring put out a statement today in which he said:

“The leaders of the taxpayer movement in California are good, solid people with whom I’ve worked for years. Their work is incredibly important and should not be tainted by the anti-Semitic views of a few who wish to use the growing taxpayer movement for their own, fringe purposes. Such attempts must be roundly condemned across the board.”

Sorry, but criticizing Israel’s policies (occupation, war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc.) that are supported by our government and funded with our taxpayer money isn’t anti-Semitic. And, by the way, Palestinians are Semitic too.

But back to the awesome poster.  It’s image couldn’t be more vivid and the text is so on point.  The text reads “Uncle Sam Reminds You: KEEP PAYING TAXES. The ongoing extermination of Palestinian Children Can’t be Done Without Your Help.”  There you go.  Plain, simple, to the point and pure awesome.

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