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‘Harem Pants’: Hot Or Not? April 10, 2009

From left: Harem styles by Topshop, Mango, and Yves Saint Laurent for

From left: Harem styles by Topshop, Mango, and Yves Saint Laurent for

Fashion designers often times come up with trends that are just utterly ridiculous.  The latest cockeyed concoction in women’s fashion to hit the boutiques are pants with a droopy crotch and tapered leg called harem pants.  The style comes in various lengths and crotch droopiness.  The shorts example shown here just looks like an adult diaper to me.

What’s wrong with this trend?  First of all, I take issue with the name.  The word harem conjures up images of female servants and concubines being held captive by Arab men back in the day. This, of course, does nothing but further the negative stereotype of Arabs.  Maybe I’m over analyzing it, but I think it’s wrong nonetheless.

Besides taking issue with the name, these pants immediately take me back and remind me of Ghawar, the character portrayed by Syrian actor Duraid Laham in movies I saw when I was a kid. For those who don’t know, this style of pant, called a shirwal, is a traditional piece of men’s clothing worn in the Bilad al-Sham region of the Middle East (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan).  Even if  you’re not Arab, these pants will regrettably remind you of the MC Hammer days.  Who’d want to relive that?  I still can’t believe some people actually thought those pants were cool.

I don’t know if women everywhere will start wearing these but I certainly hope not.  I’m totally down with traditional Arab styles becoming prevalent but certain things should just be left alone.  This style is definitely not hot!

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4 Responses to “‘Harem Pants’: Hot Or Not?”

  1. reme atallah Says:

    omg i saw them the other day and first mc hammer came to mind and then we said they do look like a shrwhal to me. I really dont see anyone running to buy them because they dont even look good. but i didnt know they are called harem pants.

  2. fedah Says:

    What’s wrong with Mc hammer pant’s lol i want people to start wearing it thinkin they are cool like how i did and look at picture’s and just say what was i thinking oh my god there so awful .

  3. Hana Says:

    That’s disgusting, If woman start wearing these then they have issues ! AND I bet you they’re expensive as hell EWW ! I DON’T THINK SOO !!!! ; [

  4. Hanitizer Says:

    I am sure those pants will make my grandma look hot, but just my grandma..anyone else please do not think about it. Perhpas the unsexiest thing even invented since the unexplainable rise of Amy Winehouse to Fame.

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