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Compassionate Cabbies Show True Face of New Yorkers March 3, 2009

From a city notorious for its tough, get-outta-my-way disposition comes a story of the real New York attitude.

The New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers set up a fundraiser and asked New York City taxi drivers to donate one day’s tips to  Omar and Kareem Elnahal, 13-year-old twins who were recently orphaned.

Their parents, Egyptian immigrants Mohamad El-Nahal, who was a cab driver, and Mervat Saad Ibrahim, were killed in a hit-and-run accident on February 14.

In another response to the tragic accident, the Federation of Taxi Drivers is pushing for more penalties for hit-and-run drivers.

So, for any readers who live in or happen to be in New York in the next several days, please remember to give a big tip to your cab driver, and hopefully it’ll go to these two boystaxi.

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