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Senator To Host Anti-Muslim Dutch MP February 24, 2009

Republican Senator Jon Kyl from Arizona will be hosting anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders on Thursday.  Wilders will be screening his 17 minute film, Fitna, at the Capitol to members of Congress and their staff.  The screening is being co-sponsored by the neoconservative think thank, Center for Security Policy, led by Republican Frank Gaffney.  And it won’t be open to the media.  Gee, I wonder why?

So what’s wrong with this whole idea?  First of all, in the film, Wilders compares Islam to Nazism and calls the Quran a “fascist book.”  That’s enough reason right there to not hold this event.  Not only that, but Wilders also wants to ban the Quran completely. This from a man whose supporters say is a proponent of free speech.  Really?  Banning books is free speech?  And an American senator wants to listen to this crap?  That’s just wrong.

Senator Kyl’s spokesman put out a statement saying: “Senator Kyl understands the controversial nature of the film, Fitna, but agreed to facilitate the screening and Q & A with Mr. Wilders because he believes that, all too often, people who have the courage to point out the dangers of militant Islamists find themselves vilified and endangered.”  Okay, talking about militant Islam is fine. But, when someone vilifies over 1 billion people and the their holy book, that’s not fine. This guy has no place speaking in the Capitol.

Earlier this month, Wilders was banned from entering the UK because officials felt he would cause public unrest due to his views.  Now, I don’t think this guy should be banned from coming to the United States, but he sure as hell doesn’t deserve the opportunity to speak to members of Congress.  Even though he’s not my senator, I’ll be writing Jon Kyl a letter and giving him a piece of my mind.

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4 Responses to “Senator To Host Anti-Muslim Dutch MP”

  1. ihavemymoments Says:

    I wonder if congress would allow a screening of a film that was condemning Christianity or Judaism and allow a man as their guest who wanted to ban the Bible or the Torah. hmmmm.

  2. Nawal Says:

    You’re absolutely right ‘moments’. Not only have I written to Senator Kyl, but I also wrote emails to my senators and congressman asking them not to participate. This whole event is just ridiculous.

  3. Saraste Says:

    Geert Wilders has NEVER said that the Quran should be banned. Where on earth did you get that statement from?! It seems like you have never even watched Fitna yourself and just heard other Muslims telling you that it’s “anti-Muslim”.

    First of all, the thing that Geert Wilders is trying to point out is that the Quran has many verses in it that encourage Muslims to spread violence and terror. This, of course, does not mean that every single individual Muslim follows these lines literally. Geert Wilders has absolutely nothing against the Muslims who practice their religion peacefully and are willing to reform it. He is simply and only against the violence that is encouraged in the Quran and worried about Muslims wanting to legitimise the Sharia Law in the Non-Muslim countries even though the law is strongly against our Western values and heritage. So, does this mean he hates all Muslims and wants to ban the Quran? No. It’s inappropiate to call Wilders a racist or an “anti-Muslim” only because he criticizes the verses in the Quran that provoke Muslims to violent acts. I would like you to remember that in the Western world people are allowed to criticize and discuss freely about politics and religions and even if you are against a certain ideology or a religious teaching it does NOT mean that you hate the people who follow it or that your right to open your mouth should be taken away. Thank you.

  4. Bob Says:

    Thank God for individuals such as Mr. Wilders who have the courage and the foresight to see the elephant in the living room. Radical Islam is the greatest threat to democracy today and we need a frank discussion about it in this bastion of political correctness.

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