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Valentine’s Day Arab Style February 11, 2009

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and millions of Americans will undoubtedly be buying tons of flowers and chocolates to give to their loved ones.  But how do Arab countries celebrate the holiday?  Here’s a breakdown of Valentine’s Day Arab

First, all Arab countries celebrate Valentine’s Day even if it is on the down low.  In Saudi Arabia, for example, the holiday is prohibited.  Therefore, any gifts related to V-Day, including red roses, are banned.  But that’s not a problem. Saudi Arabians determined to celebrate get their V-Day loot on the black market or they just trek out to the nearest country to buy it.  Florists even deliver flowers early in the morning or late at night to avoid suspicion.

Second, lingerie is a popular item to buy on Valentine’s Day.  And if you thought that was something that wasn’t popular in Arab/Muslim countries, you’re sadly mistaken.  Syria, for example, has a very, shall I say, adventurous lingerie industry. You can find anything from musical underwear to remote controlled bras.  This kinky stuff is popular too because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting your freak on as long as you’re married.

And while I’m on the subject, here’s an encounter of what I saw last summer on the streets of Ramallah that truly shocked me.  While I was walking around, I passed by a lingerie shop.  There was nothing special about it, but it’s what was outside of the shop that stopped me in my tracks.  On the sidewalk, right there out in the open, was a mannequin dressed in a very skimpy nurse’s outfit.  I couldn’t believe it. I mean, these types of things are kept hidden behind tinted windows in seedy looking shops here in the States.  But not in Ramallah. I guess there’s no shame in purchasing something that satisfies your fetish there.

Finally, all of the candy, flowers and lingerie bought on Valentine’s day inevitably leads to one thing-sex. That’s right. And even though that’s not a topic spoken about widely and openly in the Arab world as it is in the States, there’s no doubt that a lot of sex is going on.  There’s no better example of that than in Palestine. Palestinians are at the forefront of this and Gazans in particular who live in the most densely populated place on earth.  Let’s face it, with being locked up in a virtual prison with barely little or no electricity, what better way to spend their time?  Gazans certainly don’t need a holiday to spur them into action.  They get it on 24/7.  In just several years time, Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and inside Israel will outnumber Israelis.  At that rate, Avigdor Lieberman and his racist Yisrael Beiteinu party followers won’t be able to keep up with their desired transfer of Palestinians.

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2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Arab Style”

  1. julie Says:

    Remote control bras – and they say the Arab world isn’t technological!

    Re: Avigdor Lieberman – that asshole needs to send a big honkin’ Valentine to Hamas. Their post- “cease-fire” rockets delivered the South of Israel to him.

  2. hanitizer Says:

    Saudis always shoot themselves in the foot; they insist on doing all the wrong things. So what some loser wants to give out roses on that day? It’s not good for business nor for the individual. It’s a cheesy holiday to begin with, but we should not talk ourselves too seriously. Good work there N & N

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