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Some Arab Chicks Need To Put Down The Makeup And Walk Away February 2, 2009

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Some Arab women just need to lay off of the makeup.  I don’t know why some feel the need to pile it on.  The eye lids on some women look like a freshly painted rainbow on a plain canvas.  Of course, it’s not just Arab women who are guilty of this but since I am an Arab chick I feel compelled to point out this kind of offense made by fellow Arab women.  It’s both younger and older women who are at fault.  Now, this has been my opinion for a very long time.  But I just happened to come across another case of over application recently that prompted me to write this

There’s certainly nothing wrong with wearing makeup.  Many women prefer to put their “face” on before they walk out the door.  They want to look pretty and put together.  I must confess that I’m not one of these people.  I’m pretty low maintenance and only wear makeup when there’s a special occasion or event I’m attending.  However, I have no qualms with wanting to wear makeup. What I do have a problem with is the over-the-top makeup in which every centimeter of a woman’s face is covered up and, in some cases, looks like a Halloween mask.  I think we all know someone who’s guilty of this.  As my friend would say, these women look like they belong on LBC (Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation).  One look at any female presenter on that channel and you’ll know what she means.

I think less makeup is more beautiful.  The more people see your natural beauty the better.  I feel that the more makeup you pile on the more you want to hide of yourself.  And if you’re a single chick looking for a potential mate, piling it on will only fool them.  That may sound harsh but I’m keepin’ it real.  If you think you’re not good looking (which nobody should think that about themselves) putting on makeup to hide that insecurity only makes the problem worse.  I mean, at least if you keep it natural a guy will know what you really look like and will love you the way you are.  If you choose to hide under a mask of makeup, you’ll only shock the guy and probably scare him out of the relationship when you eventually go au naturale.  Let’s face it.  Some women look shockingly different with and without makeup.  Oprah Winfrey is a prime example.  Yikes!oprah_beforeafter

I really don’t believe that putting on a lot of makeup is healthy.  Those women who choose to wear lots of  it and those who never really take it off, I think, have serious issues. And I wonder if men who know or are in relationships with these women care?  I would think most would find it off putting. I know when I see a woman with this kind of makeup on, if I’m to be completely honest, I immediately judge them as being (justly or unjustly) superficial. And guys who are into that sort of thing might be superficial as well.  That’s just me.  I know I’m probably offending a lot women out there but I’m just being honest.

I’m curious to wonder what you all think.  Am I the only one who feels this way?

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5 Responses to “Some Arab Chicks Need To Put Down The Makeup And Walk Away”

  1. Hanitizer Says:

    Yes, I agree with that statement, sometimes makeup makes things worse. Take it easy. I would also add that Latinas have the same problem where they try to use lighting powders to make themselves look more fair. But the makeup is creepier on little girls, it is really creepy like in the movie Miss. Little Sunshine.

  2. ihavemymoments Says:

    Thank you!! I have been saying this forever. Believe it or not, most of the people I know that wear tons of makeup look much better without any at all. I think it is a shame that they conceal their natural beauty with that gunk that makes them look like clowns.

  3. Ahla Mnk Says:

    ok first off the arab make up is hot!!! No wait hot is an understatement!!! Yeah true some arab woman do over do the make up for just normal occasions but when it’s time to party, NO ONE DOES BETTER MAKE UP THEN US ARABS!!! PEACE

  4. alex Says:

    she looks like an a** no offence 😛

  5. Jordan Says:

    wow, I am amazed!! she looks soooo pretty with makeup, but without… that is a problem. she looks a little ugly.. no offence!!

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