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“Let Gaza Live” Rally and March in Washington, DC January 10, 2009

I attended the “Let Gaza Live” rally and march today, organized by the ANSWER Coalition, in Washington, DC.  The rally was held at Lafayette Park which is in front of the White House and adjacent to the Hay-Adams Hotel, where President-elect Obama is currently staying.  There were numerous speakers at the rally.  The most notable speaker that I saw was Ralph Nader.  Apparently, Cynthia McKinney was there also but I had arrived after she had spoken.  Her remarks can be read here.

The weather was very cold to begin with today and towards the end of the rally it started to rain.  But that didn’t matter to the thousands of people there.  Everyone stayed and proceeded to march.  The march took place in downtown DC, passing in front of the White House and then by the offices of The Washington Post (who hadn’t covered previous protests) and back to the White House. 

By the end of the march I was freezing and very wet from the rain but I didn’t mind.  I was glad to join the diverse thousands who came to show their support for Gaza and rally for change in the US government’s unconditional support for Israel.

Here are some of the pictures I took from the event.  Sorry for the not-so-great quality.  I particularly enjoyed the young man on the scaffolding waving the Palestinian flag.  Represent!

Here’s an AP video of the protest.  The Israeli supporter’s comments are disgusting (they just had to stick that in there). There were only a handful of pro-Israeli supporters at the rally.


2 Responses to ““Let Gaza Live” Rally and March in Washington, DC”

  1. Sana Bakir Says:

    I also attended and am so glad I went. We need to do so much more, but it felt good to do something for Gaza people. I watched the news hopes to see something and I didn’t. I did however see that Obama was in DC having lunch at some shop that serves chili dogs or something. He just randomly pops in there for lunch. How convenient for him. I guess the media is willing to cover anything as long as it’s not for the Gaza side. Allah knows and sees all. We only need Allah on our side, al-hamdillah. Keep up the great work Nawal, God bless.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What a moron! This lady blindly supports Israel and I bet if you asked her how to spell Palestine she wouldn’t even know where to begin. I love how Americans that are Israel supporters talk about the situation as if they know the history behind it (besides ignoring the fact that this is a humanitarian crisis not a political issue like you mentioned in your most recent post Nawal.) I would love to ask them why was Hamas created? Or when were they established? Here’s your answer misinformed people…because of the OCCUPATION. They are a resistance movement. This is in no way to support carrying arms, but why was it okay for the Americans to do it back in the day against the British and when Palestinians do it it’s terrorism? I guarantee you that any American who has a gun (and there are a lot who do…just look at the statistics of Americans who support the right to bear arms….they’ll argue it’s a freakin’ constitutional right) would carry it into the streets and use it if they felt their freedom or rights being threatened by a foreign force. Well, that’s why Palestinians do it and rightly so. So to Israel and all those that support them, you want Hamas and the terrorist groups to stop existing, end the occupation!!! It’s not brain surgery guys. That’s my long two cents.

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