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CNN Reports Own Ignorance: Could The Tide Be Turning? January 6, 2009

I’m starting to wonder if I’m living in bizarro world…

With the carnage in Gaza dominating much of the news, I’ve noticed an unusual trend.

To my tremendous surprise, I’m finding that major news outlets are becoming somewhat more balanced in their reporting and that the tone of (some) reporters and broadcasters is changing slightly. I know – some of you readers are probably thinking that I’m crazy, but hear me out. I honestly think we’re witnessing a shift in how the Palestinian and Israeli narratives are presented.

Many articles from mainstream news outlets covering the attacks on Gaza focus on the humanitarian catastrophe, rapidly deteriorating situation, and need for more medical help. I’ve read countless articles from AP, Reuters, CNN, etc, about civilians bearing the brunt of the attacks, and articles are finally quoting UNRWA and international Red Cross sources more often. Images of the killed and wounded are everywhere. I’ve read articles that even flat out say that the attacks on Gaza will likely breed more violence rather than stop it. And, just the other night, I was watching Anderson Cooper and a couple of other journalists pointedly discuss Israel’s ban on foreign journalists in Gaza. More and more articles are also discussing how Palestinians, especially Gazans, have suffered from Israel’s occupation and actions for years.

Furthermore, specific words and phrases, which may seem trivial, are powerful and suggestive and effect the narrative as well. Words and phrases, including claim, retaliate, and in response to, have helped create a one-sided narrative in American minds that has persisted for far too long. And I think that times might be a-changin’. In a recent article it was noted that Hamas launched rockets “in response” to Israel’s crippling blockade of Gaza… “in response to,” a term we normally see used to describe Israel’s actions.

But then this clip from CNN just about made me fall over.

I actually remember when Israel broke the ceasefire in early November because I said to myself, Wow, I bet nobody will really say a word about this attack because we’re so focused on the national election. This clip is hilarious, really, because the newscaster basically admits that CNN and other news outlets have ignored what CNN’s own international desk can confirm – that Israel broke the ceasefire 2 months ago.

Definitely not the norm…


One Response to “CNN Reports Own Ignorance: Could The Tide Be Turning?”

  1. Nawal Says:

    I remember seeing this when it aired. I was pleasantly surprised. Btw, Rick Sanchez just kills me. He’s too flamboyant for my taste.

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