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“Absence of Accountability” in Gaza January 6, 2009

palestinians-in-shelterWhere are the people of Gaza to go?  There are 1.5 million people in the middle of a war zone with literally nowhere to go to.  Homes with families huddled inside are being bombed.  Mosques with people praying inside are being bombed. And now UN run schools-turned-shelters are being bombed.  Today, the IDF bombed two UN run schools which were being used as shelters.  Over 40 civilians died at a clearly marked school in Jabaliya.  And earlier, three men who were cousins were killed at another UN school, Asma primary school, in Gaza City. The UN stated that it “had given to the Israeli authorities the GPS co-ordinates of all its installations in Gaza, including Asma elementary school.”  And yet, the Israelis chose to bomb them anyway.  It’s not the first time Israel has done this.  They did it in the 2006 war in Lebanon where they bombed a UN post and killed 4 UN observers.

While Palestinian civilians are being slaughtered, diplomatic efforts have stalled as well. Arab diplomats are at the UN working on a resolution which will surely be struck down by the United States.  At the same time, European diplomats are attempting to work out a ceasefire but Israel refuses to listen.  Israeli leaders don’t want to stop the carnage.  Tzipi Livni said after meeting with the officials that “countries send in forces in order to battle terrorism, but we are not asking the world to take part in the battle and send their forces in — we are only asking them to allow us to carry it out until we reach a point in which we decide our goals have been reached for this point.” Newsflash:  Israel is not like any other country. Israel is an occupying power! It is the Palestinians who are battling terrorism; Israeli state-sponsored terrorism. They are a stateless people under siege who cannot and should not be expected to tolerate living under occupation.  And what exactly are the goals Livni talks about? They seem to be changing day by day.

John Ging, the head of UNRWA stated the obvious regarding the current crisis in Gaza. He said what’s going on now is “the consequences of political failure and complete absence of accountability for this military action.”  He urged political leaders around the world to “take on the responsibility”. But what is the United States doing?  Well, they’re doing nothing but giving Israel its full support and the green light to do whatever the hell it wants; regardless of the consequences.  The United States is just as guilty for what’s happening in Gaza as Israel is.


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