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Israeli Troops Now In Gaza, Foreign Journalists Still Banned January 3, 2009

The Israeli army has confirmed that grounds troops have now entered Gaza.  This is happening as the Palestinian death toll has climbed past 450.  And this ground invasion does not look to end anytime soon as the Israeli cabinet has called up an additional 9,000 reservists.  Ofir Gendelman, a spokesman for the Israeli foreign ministry, said that “It will take quite a number of days to get the job done.”

All of this is going on while Israel is still banning foreign journalists from entering the Gaza Strip even after the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that foreign journalists must be allowed in.  So while artillery shells, missiles, and now ground troops assault the civilian population in Gaza all we receive from the western media is Israeli talking points from the various officials given to correspondents from places such as Ashqelon and Jerusalem.  Meanwhile, we are deprived of the coverage of the carnage and despair Palestinians are facing inside the Gaza Strip.gaza-air-strike2

When will Israel understand that they will never receive security through their military might?  This war will not result in the end of Hamas and it will certainly not bring peace to the region.  Marwan Bishara, former Knesset member and currently Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst, said it best:

“Israel can claim in various stages that it has won this or that war against Arabs but it is obvious since the invasion of Lebanon in 1982 that there is no military solution to Israel’s security.

“It cannot bomb its way into peaceful co-existence. Israel is trying to do all it can to destroy Hamas but with more than 400 dead, there will be more than 400 more new recruits in Gaza.

“It has taken this path and will probably pay the price in the long term, short term it’s the Palestinians who pay the price.”



One Response to “Israeli Troops Now In Gaza, Foreign Journalists Still Banned”

  1. leandro Says:

    Keep fighting

    keep alive.

    Keep showing what you see

    Greetings from brazil.

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