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Celebrities on the Gaza Crisis January 3, 2009

There were a slew of demonstrations against the Israeli atrocities being committed in Gaza that took place all over the world on Friday.  Sadly, there was very little coverage of that in the western media.  However, it got me wondering if there were any celebrities or high profile figures that were participating in these demonstrations or voicing their objections to Israeli actions in Gaza.  I was happy to learn that in the UK, singer Annie Lennox and other celebrities indeed are calling for Israel to stop its air attacks on the Gaza Strip

annie-lennox1Annie Lennox participated in a press conference, held in London on Friday, that also included Bianca Jagger, UK comedian Alexei Sayle (who is Jewish), former London mayor Ken Livingstone and Respect MP George Galloway.  At the press conference Bianca Jagger called on President-elect Obama  to condemn the Israeli air strikes (I doubt that’ll happen anytime soon, if at all).  Alexai Sayle said Jewish people in the public eye should voice that this was “not being done in our name”.  Those that were in attendance will be taking part in a national demonstration on Saturday that will take place along the Embankment in London.  I’ll be curious to see what other celebrities, if any, show up for the protest.

I know that what celebrities may think on the Gaza crisis may seem trivial.  But celebrities do help bring attention and resources to causes that they support; particularly to people who are uninformed on a particular subject.  God only knows that the Palestinian perspective receives far too little coverage in the western media and any awareness would be helpful.

Unfortunately, I have yet to read or hear of any American celebrities voicing their dismay at Israel’s actions.  I won’t hold my breath.

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