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It’s the Occupation, Stupid! December 29, 2008

The massacre in Gaza is going into its fourth day and the death toll for Palestinians has reached over 360.  According to the AP, power blackouts go on for 16 hours a day due to the limited amounts of fuel Israel has allowed into Gaza. Israeli F-16 jets bombed tunnels that cross the border with Egypt, with US provided smart bombs, that have been used to haul in basic goods like food and fuel as a result of the devestating Israeli blockade.  Since the air strikes began only 100 trucks have been allowed in with humanitarian aid and the UN says it’s not enough to resume distribution to the 800,000 Gazans who rely on the UN food distribution.  And according to the World Health Organization (WHO) 900 people have been sent to Gaza hospitals since the attacks and over 100 are in critical condition.

I’ve been trying to keep up with events on the ground through the online and television media.  Unfortunately, the television media coverage here in the US has been scarce and appalling, to say the least.  The little coverage that has been airing has inevitably been frustrating for those who see the injustice with what’s happening in Gaza.  For me, I can’t help but wince in frustration when I hear Israeli officials claiming that they want peace.  Is a full on military attack on a civilian population, a stateless people with no military, supposed to bring about peace?  That’s just a bunch of baloney.  And Israeli officials have also been using the old line that they left Gaza in 2005 and that rockets being fired by Hamas into Israel is unacceptable.  I wonder if the general public that hears these statements goes beyond what is said and tries to understand why perhaps this is happening.  Do they know that since Isreal decided to leave the Gaza Strip unilaterily that they have been controlling  all the borders, the air and the seaports around Gaza?  Do they know that for the past 18 months Israel has closed the borders and prevented even the most basic humanitarian supplies of getting in?   Are 1.5 million people who are prevented from going anywhere and are deprived from the basic necessities that we all take for granted supposed to just be okay with that?  No one in the world would accept living in such a way. 

When are Israelis, Americans and the international community going to understand that IT’S THE OCCUPATION, STUPID!  There will never be security for Israel until they end the illegal occupation of Palestinian land.  In the entire history of the world, there has never been a peaceful occupation.  No one people have or ever will be complacent with an occupying power in their land and their rights to self-determination prevented.  No matter how strong the military attack, no matter how devastating a humanitarian blockade, no matter how many negotiations take place, the resistance will not end until the occupation is over.   It’s such a simple truth and yet the world’s leaders refuse to accept it. 

No matter how hard Israel tries, and they’ve tried so many times, the will of the Palestinian people will never be broken.  God bless the people of Gaza.


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