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Israel Attacks, Hundreds of Palestinians Die December 27, 2008

APTOPIX MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSI wake up this morning to the headlines of the hundreds killed in Gaza due to Israel’s air strike offensive.  The numbers are staggering; over 200 people killed and 400 wounded.  The attack occurred just as students were getting out of school.  Of course, the usual responses are given by world leaders.  Gordon Brown, the Vatican and the UN secretary-general all called for a restoration of calm.  And the Arab League, the good-for-nothing Arab League, scheduled an emergency meeting.  I get so frustrated with all of these official reactions. World leaders call for calm but don’t do anything to bring it about. Arab leaders schedule meetings and make condemnations but never accomplish anything.

Israel, as always, is overreacting to the rockets fired from Hamas; which is the excuse for today’s attack.  Actually, overreacting is an understatement.  Since the ceasefire ended between Hamas and Israel a few days ago zero, I repeat zero, Israelis have been killed due to the rocket attacks from Hamas.  But Israel puts on a full offensive on the Gaza Strip that kills hundreds.  Tell me, does this makes sense?  What does Israel hope to accomplish by this?  The joy of Palestinian bloodshed is the only reason that makes sense.  Forcing Hamas into submission isn’t going to happen. Israelis know this fact and yet they do it anyway.  Of course, Hamas will retaliate and the cycle will continue. 

I wonder what the people of the world think when they see, hear and read what’s going on in Gaza today.  I hope people realize that the people of Gaza are human beings who have aspirations for themselves and their families and bleed and feel just like everyone else.  What do the people around the world feel when they hear about the man who had sent his nine year old son out to buy him some cigarettes just before the air strikes began and couldn’t find him? Do they feel his anguish and sorrow over his son when he says “May I burn like the cigarettes, may Israel burn”? 

Unfortunately, the Israeli attacks will continue and the Palestinian death toll will rise.  Will the world just continue to watch and do nothing for the Palestinians?


2 Responses to “Israel Attacks, Hundreds of Palestinians Die”

  1. ali Says:

    My brothers in islam-Nasrun minellahi we fethun karibun we bessiri-l-mu’minin. Allah bless Palestina!
    Salaam from Bosnia

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well said Nawal. One word sums up this situation: disgust

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