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Hold Up Your Shoe in Solidarity! December 18, 2008

throwyourshoeThere have been numerous creative endeavors that have come about out of the now infamous shoe-throwing incident;  from animated videos to video games.  But now you can represent and show your solidarity by holding up your shoe.

Yes, it’s true.  There’s a website where you can submit a photo of yourself, holding your shoe of choice, in solidarity with al-Zaidi.  The website is  It’s a pretty straightforward site.  You can view thumbnails of submitted photos on the homepage and you can submit a photo yourself.  More photos are definitely needed as there only seems to be about eight submissions so far.  Come on people. Where my Arabs at?

Too bad al-Zaidi felt compelled to write a letter of apology to Nuri al-Maliki today regarding his actions. I wonder if this will dampen his supporters’ spirits. I certainly hope not.  The outcome of this incident has garnered too much enjoyable, funny stuff to stop now.


One Response to “Hold Up Your Shoe in Solidarity!”

  1. fedah Says:

    love this articleeeeeeeee keep up the good work

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