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Some ‘Arab Money’ To Make Your Day A Little More Enjoyable November 29, 2008

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It’s the evening after Thanksgiving and a lot is going on in the world.  There’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai, a stifling siege in Gaza, and an economic crisis that’s crippling the US and most of the world.  Of course, none of this is good news.  It’s all pretty depressing actually.

So on days like today, I enjoy immersing myself in movies and music to get my mind off of all the negativity (and cold weather).  I remembered a music video that I came across on another blog a couple of weeks ago.  It was for a Palestinian-American artist who calls himself Noose and the song is titled Arab Money.  I remember finding this video very entertaining the first time I saw it.  The Bab el Hara reference was particularly amusing. So, I decided to check it out again today. I still found it just as entertaining as the first time.  I’m sure there are people who will think this song and video is crap. And truthfully, I couldn’t argue with you on that. However, I think this video is what one would call fluff. You know, something that’s not deep or meaningful; just entertaining. After listening to it, I can’t seem to get the hook for this song out of my head. 

So, I thought I’d share this gem with you today.  If you don’t find it entertaining or amusing, as I did, I hope that at least it’ll get your mind off of the bad things in the world; at least for four minutes.  Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Some ‘Arab Money’ To Make Your Day A Little More Enjoyable”

  1. Yves GQ Says:

    You are perfectrly right, that’s fun! See you one day in the bogosphere!

  2. Hana Says:

    I love this video and song ! I can jam to this in the car (LOL) …and I love how he’s reppin’ the Keffiyeh ! Way to go for us A-raaaabbzzz !

  3. Munir Says:

    its retarded

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